Website Optimizations, Part 2

While a significant portion of the content of this site is geared towards optimizations and efficiency, I think that summing up a few of those ideas in a single article can be helpful, and will follow nicely from the previous article on Website Optimizations. The major focus of the last article was content as opposed… Continue reading Website Optimizations, Part 2

Setting up TinyDNS on Amazon’s Linux

If you need to setup both a DNS Server and DNS Cache, consider – there are some issues with the points below that need to be resolved (specifically the resolv.conf pointing to the dnscache, without pointing the dnscache at the djbdns). DNS nameservers serve the purpose of mapping a domain name to an IP address. Typically,… Continue reading Setting up TinyDNS on Amazon’s Linux

Using the Hosts File to Test Virtual Servers

As it becomes increasingly easy to deploy servers in a cloud, we often find ourselves wanting to test changes to servers on a running instance. Prudence advices against experimenting on a production server, but there are times when it is necessary to test on a fully functioning instance. For instance, if one wishes to switch… Continue reading Using the Hosts File to Test Virtual Servers