Verify that SSL caching is working

To verify that SSL caching is on, check the Session-ID across multiple sessions (i.e. resume/reconnect) – they should be the same: openssl s_client -host HOSTNAME -port 443 -reconnect | grep ‘Session-ID:’ The equivalent, using gnutls-cli should be: gnutls-cli -V -r HOSTNAME |grep ‘Session ID’

Configuring vsFTPd to use TLS

A typical FTP session, will send login information unencrypted. It is a fairly simple matter to configure vsftpd to use SSL/TLS and encrypt connections. You can either create a self-signed certificate for this purpose, or use an existing third-party issued certificate. Generate a self-signed certificate Firstly, we generate the private key (in this case, 2048… Continue reading Configuring vsFTPd to use TLS

Setting up SSL Login on WordPress

I decided that I wanted the login for this site to be over SSL/TLS, instead of unencrypted – at this time, I decided against having the admin area also running under SSL. This article describes how to accomplish the following: Preparation of private key and certificate signing request (CSR) Obtaining a free SSL certificate (from… Continue reading Setting up SSL Login on WordPress