Prime Factoring with PHP

A surprisingly large number of math based computer problems appear to require factorization, finding prime number, or prime factoring. Presented below is a reasonably fast algorithm for prime factoring a number – it is limited to the integer size on PHP (231-1). It should be a fairly trivial exercise to modify the function below to… Continue reading Prime Factoring with PHP


For many people the mere mention of fractions elicits a wince, and while these lovely math constructs played a notable role in our early years of math, they are reasonably simple entities. While most humans revisit fractions over many years and often still fail to grasp the concept, for a computer, the elementary operations with… Continue reading Fractions

Wide Screen Math

I was recently asked an interesting question about how the area of a widescreen compares with the area of a traditional display. Now, usually, one hears that you get to see additional parts of the picture on a widescreen, so that was my conditioned response. However, I decided to delve into the math a bit,… Continue reading Wide Screen Math