For many people the mere mention of fractions elicits a wince, and while these lovely math constructs played a notable role in our early years of math, they are reasonably simple entities. While most humans revisit fractions over many years and often still fail to grasp the concept, for a computer, the elementary operations with… Continue reading Fractions

Wide Screen Math

I was recently asked an interesting question about how the area of a widescreen compares with the area of a traditional display. Now, usually, one hears that you get to see additional parts of the picture on a widescreen, so that was my conditioned response. However, I decided to delve into the math a bit,… Continue reading Wide Screen Math

On the obsolescence of the Human species

Humans aren’t the fastest, strongest, biggest, smallest, or most efficient creatures. The only advantage we have is a well developed cerebral cortex. Of course, superior intellect can allow us to compensate for the areas which we lack. We currently have a problem with said superior intellect however. If we are unable to evolve to overcome… Continue reading On the obsolescence of the Human species

Living Networks

The average person is likely to consider computers to be simply tools to accomplish a task – inanimate silicon circuits. But, is that entirely true? I recently encountered an instance where network connectivity had dropped considerably, but appeared to be gradually improving without anyone doing anything to actually address the problem. It was mentioned to… Continue reading Living Networks

Hello world!

The typical first program output seems as good as any for a starting post on what will hopefully become a tech site.

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