Having used PuTTY a lot over the past few years, I have often found it to have a few default settings that are rather annoying: Firstly, the colours – I never seem to be able to make out dark blue on black Change ‘ANSI Blue’ and ‘ANSI Bold Blue’ under Window > Colours Secondly, the… Continue reading PuTTY SSH

Installing mcrypt (PHP) on AWS Linux AMI

Update: with the update of PHP to v5.3.3, the amzn repository now includes php-mcrypt, rendering the steps below unnecessary. At the moment, the amzn repository has v5.3.2 of PHP (while the latest version is v5.3.3) – it also does not offer php-mcrypt. While in previous servers I have included a wider selection of repositories, I… Continue reading Installing mcrypt (PHP) on AWS Linux AMI

Installing APC on AWS Linux AMI

Update: Current versions of Amazon’s Linux AMI include the package php-pecl-apc (v3.1.9 – the same as the latest from PECL) in the repository. Using a package manager is usually preferable to using PECL- it will help you keep up to date, is centrally managed, and minimizes unnecessary dependencies (especially build tools). APC can be installed… Continue reading Installing APC on AWS Linux AMI