It seems that not every human thinks the same way, but now and again, even the definition of ‘normal’ changes – how very odd. While we all pursue the¬†occasional geeky interest it would seem that for some, many everyday actions fall under the umbrella of geekiness. Here you will find a few such, everyday, ordinary occurrences.

This site serves as a personal reference of sorts to catalog procedures for a variety of tasks and make their subsequent repetition somewhat easier. In addition, it is a way of sharing information with others, should they happen to find it useful.

While this site does sometimes focus on attaining a specific end result, I do try to focus on the process – the rationale behind specific decisions and configurations.

As for me, cyberx86, my day job is completely unrelated to technology and hardly sees me use a computer at all – computers remain just a hobby – something for fun an occasionally profit.

That’s Geeky is powered by WordPress.

This site, and a few others, run on a modified Amazon Linux image, deployed on Amazon’s cloud computing (EC2) infrastructure. Varnish is setup as a front-end caching layer, and Nginx with php-fpm comprise the back end.

You may find me on a few other sites, with the same alias, notably, ServerFault.

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