Rotating EBS Snapshots: ec2-prune-snapshots

Following the significant disruption of EBS volumes in April, the importance of backups was once again brought to the forefront. Amazon’s method of generating EBS backups is the ‘snapshot’ – a differential backup stored in S3. While Amazon provides tools for creating snapshots (either command line, or via their API), a script that is quite… Continue reading Rotating EBS Snapshots: ec2-prune-snapshots

VirtualStore – A few more hidden files

Having not used Windows 7 much (and having skipped over Vista), I was rather surprised to discover that I was unable to locate files that were saved by a particular program. In this case, the program saved the files in its application folder, under %programfiles%. Now, having no clue about the virtualization in effect, I… Continue reading VirtualStore – A few more hidden files

Generating a pure-ftpd RPM for Amazon’s Linux

The only ftp server the amzn repository has is vsftpd. While, as the name suggests, vsftpd is supposed to be ‘very secure’ many other ftp servers have a comparable track record for security. Of these, pure-ftpd is easily configured and offers a wealth of features. Pure-FTPd is easily configured, and as it comes with an… Continue reading Generating a pure-ftpd RPM for Amazon’s Linux