Setting up Subversion

Subversion is a versatile version control system. This article looks at how to set up subversion on Amazon’s Linux (RHEL/CentOS derived), and the necessary setup for using it with Apache (proxied through Nginx), as well as the setup of a repository, and the use of hooks to automatically update a live (non-production) working copy. Basic… Continue reading Setting up Subversion

Drupal Oddities

I have recently been trying out a number of content management systems (CMSes) on a server with Apache + FastCGI (PHP) as a backend, and Nginx as a frontend (reverse-proxy). Of these (WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, and Drupal) the only one to encounter any difficulties was Drupal (version 7). Installation Issues A number of content management… Continue reading Drupal Oddities

Setting up SSL Login on WordPress

I decided that I wanted the login for this site to be over SSL/TLS, instead of unencrypted – at this time, I decided against having the admin area also running under SSL. This article describes how to accomplish the following: Preparation of private key and certificate signing request (CSR) Obtaining a free SSL certificate (from… Continue reading Setting up SSL Login on WordPress