DRBD on Amazon’s Linux

Note: this was done more as an experiment than for something I intended to use in production – so consider it to be more a compilation of notes than a full out procedure. DRBD – Distributed Replicated Block Device – is a kernel level storage system that replicates data across a network. It uses TCP… Continue reading DRBD on Amazon’s Linux

Installing Corosync on EC2

The notes for this have been sitting on my computer for almost 6 months, but a comment from today spurred me onto editing, updating, and posting them. Corosync is a messaging layer used for high-availability. It serves essentially the same purpose as Heartbeat, but appears to be the project that will supersede it. Currently, it… Continue reading Installing Corosync on EC2

Installing Heartbeat on Amazon’s EC2

I am currently working on setting up a small high availability server cluster on Amazon’s EC2 cloud. Such a setup requires several underlying technologies to work together. Common among these are a distributed file system, a load balancer, and some form of monitoring and resource control. This article looks at the one aspect of ‘monitoring’… Continue reading Installing Heartbeat on Amazon’s EC2