Setting up NodeJS

It is quite unfortunate that one only has a finite number of hours to dedicate to learning new things, for inevitably there are things we skim over, or worse yet, don’t even know exist. Today, as I was looking for efficient ways of implementing server push for a project of mine, I came across NodeJS.… Continue reading Setting up NodeJS

Setting Windows’ Time Service’s Update Frequency

There are some instances when it is desirable to change the default interval between synchronizations by the Windows Time Service (i.e. NTP). For instance, I recently encountered a computer where the clock would run a few seconds fast each day (it was not a battery problem), for a quick fix, it was easy to simply have the… Continue reading Setting Windows’ Time Service’s Update Frequency

Escalating Consequences with IPTables

I have previously written a bit about using IPTables to limit brute-force attacks. For the past month, that system has been working quite well. The typical attack pattern resembled that in [graph 1, graph2]. A few days ago, however, an attack was implemented which ‘fell under the radar’, so to speak – instead of being… Continue reading Escalating Consequences with IPTables

Drupal Oddities

I have recently been trying out a number of content management systems (CMSes) on a server with Apache + FastCGI (PHP) as a backend, and Nginx as a frontend (reverse-proxy). Of these (WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, and Drupal) the only one to encounter any difficulties was Drupal (version 7). Installation Issues A number of content management… Continue reading Drupal Oddities