Having used PuTTY a lot over the past few years, I have often found it to have a few default settings that are rather annoying:

  • Firstly, the colours – I never seem to be able to make out dark blue on black
    • Change ‘ANSI Blue’ and ‘ANSI Bold Blue’ under Window > Colours
  • Secondly, the lines of scrollback – 200 (default) is not enough
    • Change ‘Lines of Scrollback’ under Window (I like 2000)
  • Enable the number pad for applications like ‘vi’:
    • Check ‘Disable application keypad mode’ under Terminal > Features
  • The Amazon Linux AMI uses UTF-8 characters (e.g. for quotes around wget filenames)
    • Change ‘Character Set’ under Window > Translation to UTF-8 for these to show up correctly

There are quite a few interesting options to play with – I do sometimes find that ‘Paste to clipboard as RTF’ (Window > Selection) can be quite helpful to retain colouring.

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